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  HCIS Projects Approval

We are the leading security consulting firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is approved by the Saudi Arabia High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS) to obtain its approval, readiness, and operational certificates for Industrial project , and the Military projects that are supervised by the General Authority of Military Industries (GAMI) countrywide.

Our security consulting services include Risk Security Assessments (RSAs), Concept of Design and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for physical, electronic security systems, and we can support security projects from the initial assessment at concept master plan phase, across all work stages, to final testing and commissioning. To provide these services in a high-professional manner, we employ highly qualified and experienced consultants including individuals who are Chartered Security Professionals (CSP), Certified Protection Professionals (CPP), Physical Security Professionals (PSP), Members of the Register of Security Engineers, and Specialists (RSES), and who holds a Master’s Degree (MSc) in engineering, security or counter-terrorism disciplines. 

In addition to the above services, our services incorporate the following but are not limited to:

           - Gap Analysis.

           - Security Project Management.

           - Bidding and Procurement Support.

           - Operational Redness and Site Acceptance Test. 

         Designing and Reviewing DD and Security Manuals

The occurrence and the success of security threats have become possible with the progress and technological development and the speed of access to information and the ability to employ many of the necessary capabilities and requirements that have become easy and easy access to carry out sabotage operations and terrorist against vital targets and in various locations without exception. The design of the security plans requires high intellectual skills capable of studying and analyzing all the factors affecting the security situation in order to develop a security plan. Security planning is a work of an applied nature in terms of the need to design security plans with accuracy and responsibility through which to ensure full protection of sites in harmonyز With the nature of the threats it faces. This is what we are doing in SASECON by our highly qualified security consultants and vast experience in this field.

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