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Security Systems

Concealed-Object Detection System

A unique highly sensitive camera capable of detecting objects concealed under clothing, making it possible to spot a suicide bomber from a range of up to 10 meters or identify a drug smuggler at a busy border crossing. It can be operated remotely to screen crowds at major events, and people using public transport, without the need to disturb them as they go about their business and can be deployed in custom halls or at border crossings to detect concealed items such as metal or plastic weapons, explosives, liquids, drugs, and currency. It is 100% successful in highlighting anyone wearing a bomb vest or carrying a concealed weapon.

Advance Under Vehicle Scanning System (AUVSS)

With its innovative technology, AUVSS supports fast and easy detection of dangerous objects such as weapons, explosives, and drugs, in contrast to conventional vehicle underside control methods such as mirrors or inspection wells. Whether it is permanent, portable or hand-held camera AUVSS facilitates are reliable at safety inspections without slowing down the flow of traffic at access points. 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

A class of sensors that monitor activity surrounding or on critical infrastructure areas such as airports, harbors, military installations, national borders, refineries, chemical plants and other critical industries. Such sensors are characterized by their ability to detect movement at the ground level of targets such as an individual walking or crawling towards a facility.

                                                                          Anti Drone System 

It is a developed, integrated system that can detect, track, and neutralize intrusive drones. It is powerfully useful at the high-level security areas, border protection, critical assets, airports, VIP and convoy protection in fighting against drone attacks.

Documents & Objects Tracking System (DOTS) 

With our DOTS all physical objects, documents, files, and digital documents can be tagged with proper RFID tags. These tags contain important information about the item such as issue date, receipt date, user, etc. Based on set conditions and unwarranted eventualities such as unrestricted access, alerts are triggered and the information is passed on to the user or department owning the object or document and their safety will be ensured to be restored and retrieved easily. 

Security Gates, Armored and Roller Shutter Doors

The Armored doors are the highest tier doors and are the best option for base defense. It is made of various layers of Stanley steel and comes with different filling materials such as wood, foam or paper honeycomb, and different finishing panels such as aluminum, steel, and HDF with natural wood veneer.  It is also soundproof and fireproof, with high resistance to fire and firearms.

Meanwhile, the Security roller shutter doors featuring patented anti-cut technology which delays even the most high-powered equipment. 
The doors are significant security barriers suitable for any environment, low maintenance, insulated, economical, safe and secure shutter doors suitable for frequent and automatic operation.  

Desktop Mail Scanner

A desktop scanner that automatically detects explosive materials in letters and packages. Specific components scanned for include circuitry, detonators, batteries, and timers. It can also detect other dangerous items, such as razor blades while ignoring regular office materials such as paper clips.  Whenever a dangerous item is detected, visual and audio alarms activate.

Body-Worn Video Camera

The 4G, WiFi Body Worn Camera combines cutting-edge technology with ruggedness, ease of use, ultimate portability, and reliability.  Packing a high powered 2.0 inch HD display, it allows for seamless playback with ultra smooth 60 FPS speed.  The 11 hour battery life, weather/waterproof housing, built-in white LED and red laser make it equipped for any scenario.  Additionally, it is outfitted with a 5MP CMOS sensor, 140 degrees recording angle with one-touch recording, up to 10 meters night visible face detection, as well as a huge storage capacity of 128 GB and 4G WiFi for live-streaming. All these features combine to make it a leader in its sector.

Inspection camerra

Video Inspection System

Video Inspection System (VIS) is also known as Pipe Inspection Camera is a true high definition push rod camera system with a remotely controlled pan and tilt camera. The 7 inches touchscreen LCD allows to remotely control camera direction, focus adds text annotation, view camera position, and level. This system used in inspecting narrow places such as HVAC ducts, false ceilings, drains to help to discover the concealed objects like drugs, weapons and explosives materials.

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