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Objects and Documents Tracking System

The overall advantage of all types of (RFID) tracking systems is their non-contact, non-line-of sight nature. Tags can be read quickly and through many visually and environmentally challenging conditions. Barcodes or other optically read technologies do not have this capability.

For records management purposes, RFID technology allows file folders to be checked in or out very quickly without having to scan the file one at a time. One of the most convenient applications is to position the readers at key locations within the building to collect data from tags. This eliminates the need for a records manager to scan each individual record. With RFID file tracking systems, many folders stacked together can be read all at once. The same process applies to read folders and then boxing them for file relocations. The system is useful to be used at official and commercial establishments such as healthcare, justice, financial, professional services, insurance, and museums.

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