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Guard Tour Monitoring System GTMS

GTMS is a system for logging rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as: supervision of guards, supervision of service producers, monitoring services (i.e., stocking vending machines), supervision of personnel work time and place, airport protection, and supervision of workers, warehouse systems (identification), police patrol, military patrol, remote equipment inspections and maintenance. It helps ensure that guards make their appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can generate various forms of reports which can demonstrate the guards' patrolling activities and reports can be printed or saved in a different format. It is not only used for guards' patrols but also can be used in other industries, such as nurses' daily round, energy pipeline checking, schools, hotels, etc. 

The system consists of 3 key elements: (1) The reader (2) The Checkpoints (3) A Notebook PC. The system is provided as an integrated unit.









 Notebook PC 

 RFID Reader



  30 mm RFID Checkpoints 





Rugged, Sealed Case, Weather Resistant, Shock Resistant

Dimensions: L 144mm/ W 47mm/ D 30mm

Weight: 200gm

Indicators: Red Indicator/ LED Light/ Vibration buzzer

Data Collection: 3-5 cm Distant read 

Working Frequency: 125 KHz, 2.4GHz

Signal Detection: Autoinduction card-reading

Battery Capacity: 30 Days

Storage Capacity:  16M bit, 60000 Reads

Download Time: 10 Seconds

Data Communication: USB Cable

Operating Temperature: -40° ~ +80°C

Electrical Power Supply: 3.7V DC

Communication: Pin USB

Certificate: FCC RoHS CE

How does it work

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