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Security and Protection Programs

Developing Security Skills

The Counter-Espionage for Business Travelers

Crowds Management

Crisis and Disaster Management

VIP Protection

Hotel Security

Securing Conferences, Exhibitions,

and Events 

Anti-Riot and Conflict in Sports Facilities

Modern Technologies in Securing Sport Facilities

Security and Protection of Public Facilities

Programs List
Airport and Aviation Programs


Developing the Security Skills of Cabin Crews

Security Guards, Enterprises, and Individuals at Airports

Dealing with Diplomats at Airports

Anti-Slip Crimes

Crisis Management at Airports

Dealing with Hazardous Materials at Airports

Ladies and Disabled Security Check Points at Airports

Securing Airports against Terrorism and Breaches

Dealing with the Public and Travelers 

Mail and Air Freight Security

Developing Security Personnel at Airports

Risk Evaluation at Airports

Business and Banking Programs


Strategic Planning

Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Analysis

Crisis Managements

Mechanisms to Combat Money Laundering

Bank Branches Management

Detection of Forged Documents 

and Counterfeit Currency

Electronic Payment Systems and

Credit Cards

Review and Inspection in the Banking Sector

Bank Risk Management

In addition to these programs, we are able to design and implement any security programs to meet the needs of our clients.
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