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Consulting Services

Physical Security Assessment

In today’s environment, analysis of the physical security of facilities and properties is a critical aspect of an organization’s security and business continuity planning. We address this requirement with a team of skilled consultants who are able to blend their experience and expertise to focus on the critical aspects of security risks that impact an organization’s environment and to assist our clients to make informed decisions in relation to risk acceptance, risk avoidance, and risk reduction to create a robust Asset Protection Programme and company or site-wide Security Strategy. We further aim to provide a security plan which is joined up and cohesive between those responsible for ownership, design, construction and, management of sites and facilities within the built environment.  

Security Consultant Services from SASECON incorporates the following but not limited to:

           - Security Risk Assessment (SRA).

           - Concept for Security Organization, Policy & Procedures Manual.

           - Gap Analysis.

           - Strategy & Concept Security Plan.

           - Schematic Design.

           - Security Project Management including:

                     * Preliminary security design development.

                     * Contractor RFP preparation.

                     * Review Detail Design & device selection developed by security contractors.

                     * Testing & commissioning of security systems.

                     * Identification and pre-qualification of security contractors.

           - Security ‘For Tender‘ or ‘For Construction‘ Design Package.

           - Security Procurement Support.


Designing security plans, procedures and post orders

The occurrence and the success of security threats have become possible with the progress and technological development and the speed of access to information and the ability to employ many of the necessary capabilities and requirements that have become easy and easy access to carry out sabotage operations and terrorist against vital targets and in various locations without exception. The design of the security plans requires high intellectual skills capable of studying and analyzing all the factors affecting the security situation in order to develop a security plan. Security planning is a work of an applied nature in terms of the need to design security plans with accuracy and responsibility through which to ensure full protection of sites in harmonyز With the nature of the threats it faces. This is what we are doing in SASECON by our highly qualified security consultants and vast experience in this field.

Cyber Security Assessment

ًWith the growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, our experts work diligently to offer our clients a suite of secure communication tools to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of their business


Events Security Management (ESM) 

We provide ESM to assist our clients with all aspects of event security. This includes major event risk management, event security services, travel risk management, and assessment, as well as the protection of individuals and sensitive information at meetings and events. 

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