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Saudi Ansary Security Consultancy SASECON is a limited liability professional company (LLC) located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was established by a former senior Counter-terrorism expert for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Security Departments in 2011 under license number 11082 and approved by the HCIS, the High Commission for Industrial Security. SASECON is also a member of the most important international security associations: the International Association of Professional Security Consultants IAPSC, the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals IASCP, and ASIS International. 
Our security consultations and design services incorporate the following but are not limited to:
           * Physical, Technical, and Operational Security
           * Nuclear and Radioactive Engineering Consultancy
           * Security and Risk Assessment (SRA)

             Security Organization, Policy & Procedures Manual

           * Gap Analysis

           * Strategy and Security Manuals

           * Schematic Design

           * Security Engineering and Project Management including:

                     - Preliminary security design development

                     - Contractor RFP preparation

                     - Review of Detail Design & device selection

                     - Testing & commissioning of security systems

                     - Identification and pre-qualification of security contractors

           * Security for Tender and Construction Design Package

           * Security Procurement Support

At SASECON, we are committed to impartiality and service excellence and pursue the client's best interests to deliver operational effectiveness, value-added engineering, and overall cost efficiency. We have the mandate to empower and prepare senior executives with the ability to identify and mitigate security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to protect their most critical assets– namely, their people, their businesses, and their brand reputations.
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